If you aren't a member of the TMC, then you could be at risk. Please register now to receive updates.

If you are a member and have not configured the Auto-Update capability, make sure you login each week and keep your device(s) up to date.

TippingPoint has recently announced the availability of the ThreatLinQ Beta Security Intelligence Web Portal. It is available free to all TMC users and gives TippingPoint administrators detailed information about the global threat landscape. Please login to the TMC, select ThreatLinQ on the menu and let us know what you think by filling out the ThreatLinQ customer survey.

Each week the TippingPoint security team develops new attack filters to address the vulnerabilities and incorporates these filters into Digital Vaccines. Vaccines are created not only to address specific exploits, but also potential attack permutations, protecting customers from Zero-Day threats.

The TMC (Threat Management Center) is how you stay up to date with the latest security for your device(s). The Zero Day Initiative ensures the responsible disclosure of security flaws and vulnerabilities to make technology more secure for users.

New filters are continuously fed to the IPS to keep it up-to-date against the latest vulnerabilities. Each filter can be thought of as a Virtual Software Patch that is created within the network to protect downstream hosts from attack. Any malicious traffic intended to exploit a particular vulnerability is immediately detected and blocked. The solution is highly scalable in that the intrusion prevention system can protect thousands of unpatched systems with a single virtual patch.

TippingPoint's expertise is recognized worldwide: 300,000 administrators, executives, and security professionals subscribe to the SANS @RISK report, which is authored by TippingPoint security analysts. The same analysis feeds our Digital Vaccine filter developers to prioritize how best to protect our customers. New Digital Vaccines are typically released on a weekly basis, but are turned in a matter of hours in emergency situations. The speed with which we deliver new filters makes this a powerful weapon in the patch race.